“One app allows private messages for flirting, Plume, and one keyboard app, flirtyQWERTY, that lets any phone send the type of emojis that won’t make you wince. With emojis being an integral part of flirtation and communication in general, it only makes sense that there be a wider variety of them that fit everyone’s personality — no matter who they are, what they like, or how they roll sexuality…” read more

buzzfeed“Let’s face it: Sexting with only words never quite got you in the mood. And photos have definitely gotten weird. But now there’s Plume, a free private messaging app with over 400 diverse emojis designed specifically for sexting…”  read more



“Sometimes you want an emoji that actually expresses how you feel whether you’re trying to say a cute “I Love You” with the suggestion of a picnic or want to let your inner freak out. Plume is an app that gives you more control over your private conversations…” read more



 “Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the release of 50 Shades of Grey, and the dawn of spring fever, comes the launch of Plume- a hot new flirting app with hundreds of new emojis, icons, and stickers…”  read more


“Apps like The Plume let you get your digi-fun on with more peace of mind because of features like password protection and message encryption for your text messages and private pictures…” read more