Necessity is the mother of invention.

When texting with a guy she had a thing for, Amy found herself wishing there were emojis that really communicated what she wanted to say.  He texted her to draw one.  And she did.

It wasn’t such a great drawing, but the idea for Plume came out of that conversation (followed by a LOT of research, learning firsthand about the importance of a private place to text, hard work, and finding artists much more talented than she is).

“Erotica is using a feather;
pornography is using the whole chicken.”
– Isabel Allende


Founder/CEO: Amy Galland
Technology Advisor: Jan Lindner
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Marketing: Gene and Dawn
Social Media Engagement: Leanne and Chelsey
Social Media Content/Editorial Team Writers: Susie, Kai, and Zack
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Graphic Design: Carrie
Website: Eric

And our fantastic group of investors, informal advisors, and friends.


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