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A picture says 1,000 words – and sometimes all you need is the right picture.

And you want to know that it won’t be seen by the wrong person.

Plume was created with your needs in mind.


Plume provides


o-201 lock

  • Optional password-access to open app
  • Photos taken and received in the app are stored separate from your device’s camera gallery
  • Ability to block users from seeing you have the app
  • Discrete notifications



  • All images and messages are encrypted
  • Messages are not saved on the server
  • Photos are not saved on the server
  • Option to not back-up app contents to the cloud
  • All content stays on one device
  • Color-coded chats



  • Beautiful, powerful images that visually communicate what words can’t always say
  • Sensual images currently not available in mobile apps
  • Icons and stickers to send to your special (or hope-to-be-special) someone(s)



  • A “Virtual Best Friend” to help you to not send the texts you’d regret in the morning!
  • Invite your friends with a fun Plume image
  • Boss-button, for when you need to log out fast because someone is about to look over your shoulder